Wine Tasting: How Well Do You Know Your Wines?


Here at Hannibal Brown, we love trying new wines – but if you’re not experienced in the world of wine tasting, how do you know what you’re looking for? We’ve put together a handy guide to helping you choose your next tipple.

Throw a wine tasting party

With the weather finally turning and the light nights becoming more frequent, now’s the perfect time to order your DIY wine tasting kit and get your friends round. Throwing a wine tasting party means you can all get together under one roof and experiment with different flavours and ages of wine. With a whole evening dedicated to experimenting with scents and tastes, your party is guaranteed to be talked about for years to come.

Use your nose

Smelling wine can help you decide if it’s the right flavour for you. From oak to cherry, people can often smell different things – and the same is true of taste. A wine’s vintage, bottle and origin can all alter its smell and taste – so find an aroma that you enjoy and then sample it! The more the merrier (literally)!

Keep on tasting!

The great thing about discovering your favourite flavours is you get to keep on tasting wine! At Hannibal Brown, we host wine tasting events to suit everyone. From planning your wedding drinks menu to hosting a busy fundraiser, wine is a welcome addition to any event. Whether you’re getting reacquainted with old favourites or trying something different, the more you taste, the more you’ll discover. Makes sense to us!

So now you’ve got some insight on wine tasting, you can step away from the house bottle and start being more adventurous in restaurants – as well as impressing your pals with your knowledge of all things grape! Happy tasting!