Up front and very personal…

It’s extraordinary how people’s perception of personalisation varies.  A friend of mine recently had the entire lining of his new suit personalised to his choice of material.  He then promptly had his name embossed on his trainers!   I told him that it made me think of old school days, when parents were instructed to ensure EVERY ITEM OF SCHOOL CLOTHING had a name tag stitched into it.  He didn’t really appreciate the comparison.

Your photo, your message, your choice of wine.

Having the lining of a suit personalised is not something I’ve ever considered.  But I do like the uniqueness of it.  But having my trainers personalised?  Well my shoes are pretty disgraceful once they’ve raced around a tennis court, so that’s definitely not one for me.

But it did make me think that, done well, any form of personalisation is unbeatable in our modern, globalized, conformist society.   And boy, do we do wine personalisation well…  Because everything we do is done by us, in-house, using fabulous wines and tailored to your unique requirement.  We know we’re the best in the market.

Go on, why not give it a go?