Personalised wine to say ‘thank you’

Crackit JPD Champagne

A big thank you to Crackit Productions

On so many occasions, we are asked to design wine labels that incorporate the message ‘thank you’.  Two such simple words, yet so powerful.  Recently, Jude (our resident designer) put together a delightful personalised wine label design – it was on behalf of a rather special client for their (equally special) client, on an extremely special case of Champagne.  The beauty of Jude’s designs is that they work with the existing bottle appearance, not against.  By this, I mean that the Champagne bottle carried an ornate golden neck foil.  We ensured that the personalised label complemented the foil to ensure the look and feel naturally sat comfortably.  The outcome was this exquisite piece of design that delighted everyone.

Turnaround time for this order was fast – just 4 days from receipt of order to delivery – which is what our client required.  If you have a client that you wish to thank, then give us a shout on 020 3876 8008 – we’re always happy to put some personalised wine design ideas together for you.