Personalised Promotional Gifts: Mixing Business With Bubbly


Here at Hannibal Brown, we love thinking about how you can incorporate our personalised wine designs into everyday life. From weddings and birthdays to corporate events and business dinners, personalised wine can be a real conversation starter. Unusual corporate gifts are a great way to promote your business, engage with your consumers and connect with your employees in a bespoke and memorable way. So whether it’s buying a personalised bottle of wine, designing a label for your champagne or even indulging in a cheese hamper, our range of delicious wines and gifts can help put your business on the map.

What can personalised promotional gifts do for your business?

There are a number of benefits to using rewards and incentives in the workplace – and making it personalised is a truly unique way to engage and connect with your employees. Whether it’s adding personalised wine labels to prizes, organising team events or taking your staff out for dinner, breaking down the barriers between you and your employees can help you boost team morale, improving your business overall.


Boosting relationships and morale

Having a close team is key to any successful business – professionalism is vital, but you want your employees to be able to come to you with any problems or worries. Simple things such as prizes for hitting certain targets, barbecues in the Summer or corporate parties over the Christmas period are a great way to engage and build bonds with your employees. Here at Hannibal Brown, we provide corporate Christmas gifts like personalised wine and cheese and wine hampers – so you can make that party all the more exciting with raffles and games.

At events and expos, you can use our branded corporate gifts and wines to build bonds between you and other businesses – as well as promoting your brand to potential clients. Incorporating branded wines into your marketing strategy at expos and events is a truly unique way to get your audience’s attention – and will make your business all the more memorable!

Fancy mixing business with bubbly? Look no further! From corporate champagne gifts to corporate wine labels, we have it all – and at the best quality. Head over to our blog to find out more!

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