Dormant winter vines – time to get picking!

If you take a drive through the Sussex countryside you might stumble upon the odd vineyard, in fact Sussex is the most densely planted county in the country housing 23 vineyards in total.  In 2016, East and West Sussex combined produced over a quarter of the wine produced in the whole of the UK.

It’s winter, everyone and thing associated with the wine industry is taking a well earned break (apart from the farmers!).  The vines look twiggy and dead, they are dormant, hibernating.  There would appear to be little to do in the vineyard at this time of year, however pruning is one of the most labour intensive jobs of the year and perhaps one of the most important.

Hop on a plane to the Southern Hemisphere and it’s a different kettle of fish.  All hands on deck, once those grapes are at optimum ripeness there is a small window to get them picked and in to the winery.

Enter the twitter-sphere and check out #2019Harvest for reports and photos from all over the Southern Hemisphere of harvest time.