Cheese and Wine Will Always Be in Style

Chesse and wine

Good food, good company and a fine bottle of wine are the key ingredients for a successful and sophisticated soiree. From dinner parties with friends to a corporate wine tasting party, an evening of fine food should always feature a cheeseboard – and it’s not hard to see why! Cheese and wine are a classic combination if you’re hunting down the finer pleasures in life.

Cheese and wine: the perfect pairing

The fermentation of both grapes and milk is part of the reason why cheese and wine complement one another so well. The bitter aftertaste of wine, produced by tannin during the fermentation, is balanced by the high protein and fat in cheese. The careful considerations to the texture, acidity, fat and tannin all contribute to the perfect pairing of complementary or contrasting cheeses and wines. Sounds delicious!

Cheese and wine tasting party

Cheese and wine will suit each other until the end of time. With different ages and tastes available, what other reason could you need to host a get together and sample the wide ranges of different cheeses and wines on offer? With DIY wine tasting kits, it couldn’t be easier to indulge in a new tipple – with reassurance that the flavours will complement one another. What could be more enjoyable than a merry evening of eating, drinking and entertainment?

The finer gifts in life

After years of buying gifts for the same person, it can become difficult to find new ways of showing your appreciation. Whether you’re looking for personalised Christmas gifts, bespoke birthday presents or a unique way to mark that special occasion, why not say it with wine? Or even better, with a classy combination of fine wine and cheeses with a luxurious hamper! Whether it’s a bottle of bubbly, a wine tasting kit or a cheese and wine set, personalised presents make memorable gifts for wine lovers.

With Father’s Day approaching, why not treat your Dad to a delicious cheese and wine gift set? You can personalise the bottle with a special message for your Dad, to show him how much he’s truly loved this Father’s Day!

‘Wine-d down’ and enjoy an evening of artisan wine and good company by allowing Hannibal Brown to take away the stress of organising a cheese and wine tasting. We endeavour to deliver an evening of exceptional wine, mouth-watering accompaniments and expert knowledge about all things ‘wine’.

Our services don’t stop there! Whether you’re looking for a treat for a wine connoisseur or a friend who enjoys the finer things in life, our bespoke personalised wine service offers up a range of ideal gifts for wine lovers – so indulge today!

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