Branded Corporate Gifts: Why Do They Work?


Here at Hannibal Brown, we love any excuse to get the bubbly out – and branded corporate gifts are a great way to promote your business, build brand awareness and enjoy a delicious bottle of wine or champagne. We specialise in unusual corporate gifts – from personalised wine to cheese hampers – so you can trust us to provide the best option for your business.

Why do branded corporate gifts work for customers?

From a personalised bottle of wine to corporate champagne – gifts that are bespoke and personal can help a business build trust with customers and make your brand stand out from the crowd. At Hannibal Brown, we can create corporate personalised wine labels for your business that add a unique touch to promotional gifts and will help make your business memorable.

Personalised promotional gifts can also be an effective way of building brand awareness at events – and our personalised wine bottles are a perfect way to encourage people to visit your business stand. By offering something different to the sea of exhibitors, you can ensure attendees remember your brand, name and service.


So whether you’re interested in personalised wine labels or want to explore our full range of cheese and wine hampers, check out our unique and unusual branded corporate gifts to promote your business and build brand awareness in a fun and bespoke way.

Shop our full range on our website – or if you want to know more about how a personalised wine gift can boost your business, check out our blog.

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