Better than a branded pen

I asked all of my friends what they would rather receive – a branded pen or a branded bottle of wine?

The result was astounding – 100% of those asked chose the branded bottle of wine!

So the wine does cost a bit more than a pen but it also says a lot more.  I have 3 pens in my handbag at this moment in time, without looking I couldn’t tell you whose branding is on them.  The thing with a personalised bottle of wine is the drinker will always looks at the label – you need to know what you’re drinking after all.

On that label is your branding, logo, message, contact details, whatever you want on there.  It will be designed so well that your branding will stand out but not look out of place.

We are a wine company!

The other great thing about our personalised wine design service is that we are a wine company first and foremost and we only offer wines of a quality that we are happy to put our name too.  Small, artisan producers who tend to work organically.  I mean why would you give a client a cheap and nasty bottle of wine?  What does that say about them or you?

Do have a browse of our website, we have many examples of labels we have designed in the past in our Gallery.  If you would like to say thank you to loyal customers and/or reward your staff then we have the answer!

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