5 Reasons to Plan a Corporate Event


Planning a business event is a chance to really showcase your brand and boost team morale. From speaking at seminars to throwing a sit-down dinner, hosting an event is the ideal way to mix business with pleasure – and what better way to get the party started than with a bottle of bubbly?

Whether you’re planning a team building day or a want to relax at one of our wine tasting events, preparation is key. In today’s post, we’re throwing the spotlight on corporate events – covering everything from finding the perfect location to choosing the best tipple for each table.

1. Break down the barriers

As the head of a business, it can often feel as though there’s a divide between you and your employees – particularly if you’re not always present in the office. Organising an informal, semi-professional event away from work means you can all relax and get to know each other individually – as opposed to by your titles. This will help to improve relationships between members of management and other team members, meaning company communications can run more fluidly and everyone can just generally enjoy their job more!

2. Eat, drink and be merry


At Hannibal Brown, we love a good bottle of bubbly, so the social aspect of throwing a corporate event is hugely appealing to us! Whether this is a formal sit-down dinner or a golfing weekend filled with meetings, alcohol is usually part of the lineup – and rightly so! Socialising outside of a professional setting will allow your team to relax and establish relationships with new clients, while growing those with existing clients.

Corporate events are a great chance to connect with other professionals and make your brand’s voice heard in your industry – and as with any event, cohesive branding is key. When it comes to bespoke printed materials, why stop at your business cards? Personalised wine can really add a touch of class to your event, impressing attendees and increasing brand exposure – and it looks great, too.

3. Reward your employees

Business dinners are a great way to recognise the hard work of your employees and celebrate milestones in the business. Whether you’ve taken on an influx of client work or just won a big contract, celebrating your achievements as a team will boost morale and breed a healthy company culture.

Rewarding your staff isn’t just about handing out corporate Christmas gifts once a year or annual bonuses. Think about your individual staff members and what they would like to receive as a reward. A company outing or branded bottle of fizz might be preferable to a cash bonus – and it’s a great excuse for the team a chance to socialise outside of office hours.

4. Team bonding

Corporate events aren’t just about drumming up new clients. In the busy world of work, there’s not always time to get to know your employees – or for them to get to know each other. Whether you’re planning a day on an assault course or a weekend excursion, time spent away from the office is a great way to create new relationships and strengthen existing bonds within the business – and location is key. The location and activity is likely to be very different for a team of 18-25 year olds than it would be if you were managing a team of over-60s.

5 Improve comms across teams

Whether you’re running an SME with two small teams or you’re the head of a chain of businesses and are managing hundreds of staff members, communication across your teams is something you should be constantly striving to improve. Team building events can be a great opportunity to mix up the team dynamics and have people from other areas of the business connect outside of the office – ultimately improving in-house communication.

If you’re planning your next corporate knees up and are looking for someone to supply the bubbly, we’ve got a range of artisan wines for you to choose from – with personalised wine labels designed to suit your company’s branding. At Hannibal Brown, we deliver a first-class service every time – ensuring your event goes off with a pop!