The Importance of Design for Personalised Wine

personalised wine bottle labels

From finding your tipple of choice to designing the perfect label, there’s a lot to consider when designing a bespoke bottle of personalised wine. Going the extra mile with Hannibal Brown means you’ll get the freedom to design a distinctive personalised wine bottle that’s truly unique – creating a welcome gift for friends and loved ones.

Personalised wine is the perfect conversation-starter – whether that’s as a gift, a dinner party table-talker or branded merchandise at a corporate event. But what should be included in your wine design? Today, we’re taking a look at the main considerations to make – from the personal message to the tipple itself, we’re giving you some ideas and inspiration for designing your own bottle of personalised wine.

The wine

Whether your personalised wine bottles are for a champagne celebration or a gift for a wine connoisseur, we’re confident that you’ll find your favourite in our wide range of internationally-sourced wines. From Argentinean Organic Malbec to Australian Viognier, our artisan wines have been hand-selected by our sommeliers to ensure that we offer only the most tasteful tipples. Should you require something more specific that’s not featured on our list, we’ll be more than happy to source the varietal that you desire – just place your request with our friendly team on 01372 253 170.

The message

personalised wine bottle labels

At Hannibal Brown, we know that it’s the personal message which will be treasured long after the wine has been drunk – that’s why we provide the space for 30 characters on your personalised wine labels. For big birthdays, we love the idea of adding a birthday message that they can cherish for years to come – such as ‘Happy 21st birthday to our daughter’. And if that wasn’t enough, you can even add a 50 character message that’s printed vertically on the side of the label. So whether your bespoke bottle is a corporate thank you, a gift to mark a milestone or for adding a unique quirk to a dinner party, personalised wine bottles will always send the right message.

The image

A picture paints a thousand words, which makes the imagery on the wine label one of the most important things to consider. Whether you’re buying wedding wine or a gift for a significant other, a childhood photograph can be the perfect way to show how much you care as you reminisce on the happy past that you share. For a corporate gift, opting for your logo on the label to create a branded bottle of bubbly adds a new level of professionalism – and is a fantastic marketing strategy, too.

A distinctive design is what sets your personalised wine bottle labels apart from the rest. So what are you waiting for? Step away from the house bottle and order your bespoke artisan wine today with Hannibal Brown.