Personalised Wine: Gifts That Say it Best

personalised sparkling wine

Buying a gift for someone can be a difficult task. Is it original enough? Will they like it? And will it say exactly what you want it to? Unless they have a unique hobby or a specialist interest, you may find yourself quickly running out of gift ideas – particularly if you’ve been buying that person gifts for several years. Champagne and chocolates may be the go-to favourites, but what about when you want to give something that’s truly special?

For the gift that says it all, look no further than personalised wine. There’s always a reason to celebrate with a bespoke bottle of wine, but today, our gift-giving guide is giving you the lowdown on how a personalised wine bottle can really say it best.

As a thank you

Whether it’s to show your appreciation to clients at a corporate event or a token of thanks to your dinner party hosts, a fine bottle of wine can be the perfect choice. While you may not be totally clued up on the receiver’s exact tipple of choice, a bespoke bottle of bubbly will always be appreciated and is guaranteed to spark conversation at the dinner table.

To show you care

personalised wine bottle labels

The extra thought and effort that you put into choosing and creating personalised wine bottle labels certainly won’t go unnoticed. Whether your loved one is a wine connoisseur or they just appreciate something sparkling, you can rest assured that this unique gift will stand out on the shelf. To ensure your bespoke bottle captures exactly what you want to say, why not add a personal message to the label? Printed alongside a photo of the two of you, this gift will be remembered long after the wine runs out.

To celebrate special occasions

Whether it’s a wedding, big birthday or a particularly important anniversary, make sure you and your loved ones mark the occasion with personalised wine bottles. Choose a few favourites from their collection of childhood photographs, and add them to personalised wine labels. Reminisce on the old times as you compare how much they’ve grown over the years. This is the gift that keeps on giving and is the perfect present for any close friend or family member.

For a gift that says it all, personalised wine is the perfect choice every time. Design your bespoke bottle today with Hannibal Brown and we’ll deliver to your door as quickly as we can.

Dinner Party Secrets: Dine in Style With Personalised Wine

personalised wine parties

There’s something truly civilised about attending a stylish dinner party. Good food, good company and great wine – what better way to spend an evening? Fine dining in the comfort of your own home can be a satisfying way to spend an evening, but that’s not to say that hosting a dinner party will come without its stresses.

From perfecting a menu that will suit your guests to finding the perfect tipple to accompany each course, there are a number of decisions to make ahead of your event. At Hannibal Brown, we don’t think dining in style should seem so complicated – which is why today, we’re giving you a breakdown of the best wines to complement every type of cuisine.

Hors d’oeuvre

Depending on the occasion, a glass of something sparkling will be the perfect way to welcome guests into your home and set the tone for an evening of sophistication and style. As you make the finishing touches to the first course, why not greet your evening’s company with a champagne and canapé reception?

Beef and lamb

With any red meat, a bottle of red will always be the perfect accompaniment. For lamb and leaner cuts of beef, a lighter red will compliment the delicate flavours and textures, whereas a full-bodied Shiraz or bold Barolo has a high level of tannin which works perfectly with a filet mignon.


Lighter foods, such as chicken, suit lighter wines – which is why a glass of Sauvignon Blanc is a perfect pick for these dishes. Think about which marinades or sauces you’ll be serving with the meat, as the rich flavourings may mean you decide to opt for a versatile red instead – such as a medium-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon.

Fish and seafood

Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Grigio – in fact, any white wine will complement a light seafood dish. For a heartier fish stew, a darker wine will be an exquisite accompaniment – so consider Pinot Noir if you’re offering your guests a glass of red.

personalised red wine

Spicy dishes

There aren’t any set rules when it comes to pairing food and wine, which is why spicy dishes are often paired with contrasting wines. Riesling or a sweet Gewürztraminer will perfectly offset the spiciness of the dish – without detracting from the strong flavour.


With dessert, sweet wines are always a winner – but it’s important to take care here. Should your dessert be too sweet, a fruity rosé may end up overpowering your guests – so when designing your menu, opt for lighter desserts that won’t be overly decadent.


It’s the fermentation of the grapes and milk which makes cheese and wine such a perfect combination. Any sophisticated soirée will feature an after-dinner cheese-board, and this can mean adding even more wines to the list. Full-bodied wines are always a winner with hard cheese, whereas a sweeter wine is a good match for blue cheese. Our exclusive cheese and wine gift set features the perfect combination of Orsom Dairy cheeses and a bottle of Rioja Reserva, so you can rest assured that your cheese and wine selection will be the most mouthwatering.

Post-dinner wine

After enjoying an evening of delicious dining, there’s no reason why the good conversation and fine wine should stop. Why not retire to the sitting room and share a bespoke bottle of bubbly with friends? Personalised wine bottles are always a fantastic topic of conversation, especially when the personalised wine labels feature photographs of the guests themselves.

Ready to find out more about which wines go with which food groups and host a stylish soirée of your own? Browse through Hannibal Brown’s exquisite range of fine wines or let us help you design your own personalised wine bottle! Personalised wine bottle labels are perfect for every occasion, so show your guests just how much you care by creating your bespoke bottle today.

Afternoon Tea and Personalised Wine: The Cream of the Crop

afternoon tea

Platters of artisan pastries, finger sandwiches and the option of loose-leaf tea or a glass of something sparkling, there’s certainly a reason why these coveted confections are the nation’s cup of tea. Good conversation and freshly-baked goods will always be a welcomed treat, but a bespoke bottle of bubbly could just be the icing on the cake.

At Hannibal Brown, our customers’ needs are always at the fore-front of our minds in anything that we do. That’s why this week, we’ve taken one for the team and sampled an array of afternoon tea delights from across the country. In today’s post, we’re bringing you the cream of the crop for high tea hotspots – so you can make sure these mouth-watering must-visits are on your list of to-see places for 2016!

Bring your own bubbly: personalised wine bottles

An invitation of BYOB may not scream luxury, but bringing bubbles of your own needn’t feel like a money-saving exercise from your student-days. In actual fact, Liverpool’s Tea Parlour actively encourage bringing along your tipple of choice – and with a corkage charge of only £2.50 per 75cl, bringing along a personalised wine bottle to your afternoon tea won’t break the bank. As well as making this treat extra special with personalised prosecco, this traditional tea parlour serves up only the most exquisite savouries alongside its fine selection of pastries – an afternoon tea that’s fit for a king!

Afternoon tea with a view

personalised prosecco

Vintage Routemasters may be out of service for everyday commuters, but the Afternoon Tea Bus Tour by B-Bakery means you can now sight-see in style. Feast your eyes on some of London’s best landmarks as you indulge in an array of delectable delights. With the option of exclusive hire, why not take your wedding party aboard this quintessentially British bus? Tailor your trip to suit you and your other half – from creating personalised wine labels to building a bespoke route, the options are all yours.

Afternoon tea with a difference

Champagne + Fromage bring an authentic French twist to traditional afternoon tea, and it works! Tuck into a fine selection of cheeses, mouth-watering macaroons and biscuit roses. Accompanied with a cup of tea and a flute of your favourite champagne, this beautiful bistro is a place to behold. The idyllic location in London’s Covent Garden makes treating you and your loved ones to a visit all the more tempting.

If you’re looking for afternoon tea experiences that are extra special, make sure these quirky and charming must-visits are on your list. Whatever the occasion, add a personal touch to make your treat truly unforgettable. Alternatively, if you fancy trying your hand at perfecting pastries of your own, why not serve up your delectable delights alongside a bottle of personalised wine? Gifts are all the more special when they come from the heart, so show just how much you care with Hannibal Brown.

Up Close and Personalised: Wine and Dine Your Loved Ones

red personalised wine

Whether you’re an avid wine connoisseur or just partial to the occasional tipple, there’s no denying that a night of fine wine and good company is a great way to spend your evening. It may be the time that you spend with your loved ones that’s the true pleasure, but a bottle of bubbly is certainly the icing on top of the cake.

At Hannibal Brown, we don’t think that finding perfect personalised wine gifts should be a challenge – that’s why we’re well-known for our bespoke artisan wines. So whether you’re in need of a gift for an upcoming birthday or the loved ones in your life are just deserving of a treat, let us help to create your unique personalised wine bottles.

Treat your family to a personalised wine bottle

If your household has a favourite go-to tipple, then why not create a completely unique bottle for your family by adding personalised wine labels? Add your favourite family photograph and a personal message that perfectly captures your family life, and you’re set! Just let us know whether you prefer a drop of red or fancy some fizz, then we’ll add your personalised wine bottle labels and deliver straight to your door!

Fizz for your friends

What could be a better way to celebrate those long years that you’ve been there for one another than with a bespoke bottle of bubbly? Treat your friends to personalised prosecco gifts – the added personal touch of a bespoke label certainly won’t go unnoticed! So whatever the occasion may be, the delicate and delicious flavours in this gift set are sure to be a winner.

An evening of fine wine

personalised wine

If you’re not sure that a bottle is enough, then why not arrange an entire evening of exquisite wines? It couldn’t be easier to organise your own personalised event, just get your loved ones together and we’ll handle the rest. And after enjoying a night of good conversation, delectable wine tastings and perfectly suited food accompaniments, why not give your guests a miniature bottle of their favourite tipple to take home? The perfect memento for the perfect evening!
Whether you’re in need of ideas for a birthday present, anniversary gift or a corporate reward, Hannibal Brown is here to bring you personalised wine for all occasions. Why wait? Explore the exquisite range in our wine shop today!