Christmas gifts for valued clients

I’m afraid to say that it is indeed that time of year again.   It comes around so quickly and we have only just finished celebrating summer!

Corporate branded champagne 2017 PWDSo, what are you going to do for your values clients this year?  Do you give client gifts?  Have you ever received a gift as a client?

Well, let me tell you, there is nothing better than receiving a gift from someone you were not expecting it from.  We are here to make sure that you are remembered and loved for what you have given your client.

Corporate branded wine, personalised with your very own design, is the perfect Christmas client gift.  Firstly, it’s got to be a good wine, you can’t go showing your appreciation with substandard goods.  We offer a range of artisan wines from small organic producers across the world, we are a wine merchant after all!

Next, choose your packaging.  We offer a range of branded and unbranded gift box options from 1 bottle cardboard gift cartons to 6 bottle wooden presentation boxes6 bottle wooden box – check out all of our gift packaging options on the website here>

Send us your logo and choose a wine and we will get to work designing your very own personalised wine label.  Your corporate branded wine will look elegant and the label will compliment the wine choice, both style and colouring of the bottle.  You can see some of our previous work on the website here >

Your customer will be thrilled to bits with the gesture and they will put their branded wine bottle on the rack.  At some point, later in the year, they will sit down to dinner with a group of friends and get the bottle out of the rack.  There it will sit on the table with your brand on show to all.  You will come up in conversation and be remembered for being thoughtful and generous.

So there you are, can you think of any reason why you wouldn’t give your clients a corporate branded wine bottle for Christmas?

A 12 bottle case starts at £15 a bottle, designed, printed and delivered.  Find out more here >

And finally, if you are thinking of any wine gifts this year then don’t look any further, or just a little bit further in Hannibal’s Grotto – award-winning cheeses, world-class wines and lots of gift sets to choose from.

Hannibal's Grotto banner

War of the Wine Worlds – Charity Wine Tasting

Thanks to all who attended our classic ‘v’ contemporary wine tasting event on 4th October 2017.

Another great event held in the Wandsworth Oasis Amen Corner charity superstore.  What a great venue, 4 wine tasting stations dotted amongst the used furniture, records, books and clothes.  A great opportunity to contemplate a delicious wine whilst deliberating over a ‘new’ wardrobe.

As always we held a competition to win a Personalised bottle of Wine, which was held in the form of a business card raffle and was won by a friendly Financial Advisor – Congrats David!

Please take a look at a few photographs from the event and do book in for our next one, another charity event with Christmas on the horizon and also Hannibal’s 5th Birthday celebration!

Sleigh bells and Sancere‘ is the name of our Christmas wine tasting event, it will be on the 30th November at the Wimbledon Sports Club (opposite the All England Club).  Stay tuned for information here >  Or book your tickets now here >


Our Summer Organic, Biodynamic and Natural Wine Tasting

It was a very warm Thursday on the 6th of July 2017 and we converged on Raynes Park Library for a fantasia of Organic, Biodynamic and Natural wines with a good helping of cheese and chat!

We were very pleased to see some of our biodynamic wines achieve highly in the popularity ratings.  The wines on show are listed below.  We will not list all of the wines in our online shop ( so if you would like to place an order for any of these you can contact us and we will arrange a special delivery for you.

Our next BIG wine tasting event will be on the 30th November at the Wimbledon Sports Club (opposite the All England Club).  Stay tuned for information here >  Or book your tickets now here >

Do stay tuned for our next local events – there are a couple in the pipeline between now and October!


Wine Origin Colour Style Vegan Natural
Gran Cerdo Tempranillo Spain Red Bio-Dynamic y
Santa Julia Malbec (Organic) Argentina Red Organic y
Vina Ilusion Tinto Joven Rioja 2015 Spain Red Organic vegan y
Casas del Bosque Carmenere Reserva Chile Red Organic
Casas del Bosque Pinot Noir ‘Reserva’ Chile Red Organic
Malbec Bodega Cecchin Sin Sulfito Argentina Red Organic y
Castrillo del Duero Alfredo Maestro Spain Red Organic vegan y
Evolution Red USA Red Bio-Dynamic vegan
Pic St Loup Mas Foulaquier France Red Bio-Dynamic vegan y
Occhipinti Red Italy Red Bio-Dynamic y
Familia Malbec Finca Agostino Argentina Red
Chateau Ollieux Romanis rose France Rosé Organic vegan
Garg n Go Sparkling, A & A Maule Italy Sparkling Bio-Dynamic y
Rene Jolly Blanc de Noirs NV France Sparkling Organic
Pirie Sparkling Tasmania Sparkling
Ciu Ciu Italy White Organic vegan
Andre Scherer Riesling Reserve France White Organic
Jurtschitsch Sonnhof Gruner Veltliner Austria White Organic vegan
Casas del Bosque Sauvignon Blanc Chile White Organic
Tindall Sauvignon Blanc 2015 New Zealand White Organic vegan
Muscadet Domaine Jo Landron ‘Clos La Carrisiere’ France White Bio-Dynamic vegan y
Aphros Loureiro Vinho Verde Portugal White Bio-Dynamic y
Arndorfer Gruner Veltliner Austria White Bio-Dynamic vegan y
Binner Riesling France White Bio-Dynamic vegan y
Cloudwalker Pinot Gris New Zealand White Bio-Dynamic y
Tinajas de la Mata Bodega Bernardi Spain Orange Organic y


Hannibal at Hay Literary Festival

Hay-on-Wye, Herefordshire, 25th May – 4th June 2017

In a field, near a little village, a long way from London, once a year is held the worlds largest book festival.

This year we made our mark on the event, and we will be back.  You could find us next to Greenpeace

between the ‘Tata Tent’ and the festival bookshop.  Every hour or so a current of the most sophisticated festival goers I’ve ever known flowed into the various tents and then an hour later, after the event, the deluge, in their thousands heading for the bookshop, where they wait for book signings.

In order to celebrate this event we designed a range of wines especially for Hay which we were selling on our stand.  Take a look at the images below.  The ‘Literary Range’ went down brilliantly, as did our great selection of wines.  We were also designing personalised wine labels for our customers on the spot.

I list the range of wines which were on offer at the event below:

Klippenkop Chenin Blanc, South Africa
Casa Azul Sauvignon Blanc, Chile
Casa Azul Merlot, Chile
Castelforte Soave,  Italy
Nuviana Chardonnay , Spain
Andres Scherer Riesling , France
Poderi Parpinello Vermentino, Sardinia
Arndorfer Gruner Veltliner, Austria
Jordan Barrel Fermented Chardonnay, South Africa
 J L Wolf Pinot Noir Rose, Germany
Domaine de la Zouina Rosé, Morocco
Chateau Ollieux Rosé, France
Monsieur La Barbe Merlot, France
 Santa Julia Malbec (Organic), Argentina
Casas del Bosque Carmenere, Chile
Casas del Bosque Sauvignon Blanc , Chile
Rioja Reserva ‘Gavanza’, Spain
Casas del Bosque Pinot Noir Reserva, Chile
Casas del Bosque Syrah Gran Reserva, Chile
Simon Hackett Old Vine Grenache, Australia
Finca Agostino Familia Malbec Blend, Argentina
Pignoletto Coli d’Imola, Italy
Sacchetto Prosecco, Italy
Sacchetto Spumante Blush, Italy
Champagne Jean-Paul Deville Carte Noir NV, France
Pirie Sparkling, Tasmania
Casas del Bosque Late Harvest Riesling, Chile

We look forwards to seeing you there next year!

Check out our personalised label design service here >

Happy exploring!

Why would wine not be vegan?

How come there is a categorisation ‘Natural Wine’, isn’t all wine natural?  It’s one of the most natural products in the world, ingredients: Grapes, so then why would we need to specify that a wine is natural and why wouldn’t it be vegan or vegetarian?

The other day I bought a very expensive jar of extremely world friendly peanut butter, ingredients: Peanuts (99.5%), Salt (0.5%) – that’s it!  I went home and looked a popular and healthy big brand jar and the ingredient list read: Peanuts, Stabiliser E471, Cane Sugar, Peanut Oil, Sea Salt.   You see, for commercial reasons, producers need to add stuff to make it legal and practical to produce in large volumes.  Vegan Wine

That is why sulphites are such a big subject in the wine industry, but I’ll come to that another time.

Other substances added/used in modern wine production might be:

  • Yeast (yeast nutrients and enzymes) – this does occur naturally but some yeasts have been developed specifically for the industry with differing tolerances and life expectancies etc.  The enzymes and nutrients help the fermentation process.
  • Antioxidants – such as Sulphites (Sulphur Dioxide or SO2), used during and after fermentation process and as a preservative preventing oxidation and secondary fermentation of the wine.
  • Stabilizers – these can come in chemical form and are added to knock off the nasty army of wine spoiling proteins that have survived the wine making process.
  • Organoleptic management (Great word!) – this can be in the form of adding wood chips, even powder or lactic acid – flavour altering additives.
  • Filtration and Fining – and this is where you might find a wine slips out of the vegetarian or vegan category.

So what are these products used in fining?  They are called processing aids and commonly they are:

  • Casein (a milk protein)
  • Albumen (egg whites)
  • Gelatin (animal protein)
  • Isinglass (fish bladder protein)

There are other ways of filtering and fining wine using micron filtration that do not require animal products and some wines are neither fined nor filtered, so they are certified Vegan.

Around half of our range is certified Vegan and vegetarian, you can see the range of wines here >

We can also offer our personalised wine service using any of our vegan range, so if you know a vegan wine drinker then we have the perfect gift idea for them!  Check out our personalised label design service here >

Happy exploring!

Better than a branded pen – personalised wine

Spring is in the air…

The Importance of Design for Personalised Wine

personalised wine bottle labels

From finding your tipple of choice to designing the perfect label, there’s a lot to consider when designing a bespoke bottle of personalised wine. Going the extra mile with Hannibal Brown means you’ll get the freedom to design a distinctive personalised wine bottle that’s truly unique – creating a welcome gift for friends and loved ones.

Personalised wine is the perfect conversation-starter – whether that’s as a gift, a dinner party table-talker or branded merchandise at a corporate event. But what should be included in your wine design? Today, we’re taking a look at the main considerations to make – from the personal message to the tipple itself, we’re giving you some ideas and inspiration for designing your own bottle of personalised wine.

The wine

Whether your personalised wine bottles are for a champagne celebration or a gift for a wine connoisseur, we’re confident that you’ll find your favourite in our wide range of internationally-sourced wines. From Argentinean Organic Malbec to Australian Viognier, our artisan wines have been hand-selected by our sommeliers to ensure that we offer only the most tasteful tipples. Should you require something more specific that’s not featured on our list, we’ll be more than happy to source the varietal that you desire – just place your request with our friendly team on 01372 253 170.

The message

personalised wine bottle labels

At Hannibal Brown, we know that it’s the personal message which will be treasured long after the wine has been drunk – that’s why we provide the space for 30 characters on your personalised wine labels. For big birthdays, we love the idea of adding a birthday message that they can cherish for years to come – such as ‘Happy 21st birthday to our daughter’. And if that wasn’t enough, you can even add a 50 character message that’s printed vertically on the side of the label. So whether your bespoke bottle is a corporate thank you, a gift to mark a milestone or for adding a unique quirk to a dinner party, personalised wine bottles will always send the right message.

The image

A picture paints a thousand words, which makes the imagery on the wine label one of the most important things to consider. Whether you’re buying wedding wine or a gift for a significant other, a childhood photograph can be the perfect way to show how much you care as you reminisce on the happy past that you share. For a corporate gift, opting for your logo on the label to create a branded bottle of bubbly adds a new level of professionalism – and is a fantastic marketing strategy, too.

A distinctive design is what sets your personalised wine bottle labels apart from the rest. So what are you waiting for? Step away from the house bottle and order your bespoke artisan wine today with Hannibal Brown.

Up Close and Personalised: Wine and Dine Your Loved Ones

red personalised wine

Whether you’re an avid wine connoisseur or just partial to the occasional tipple, there’s no denying that a night of fine wine and good company is a great way to spend your evening. It may be the time that you spend with your loved ones that’s the true pleasure, but a bottle of bubbly is certainly the icing on top of the cake.

At Hannibal Brown, we don’t think that finding perfect personalised wine gifts should be a challenge – that’s why we’re well-known for our bespoke artisan wines. So whether you’re in need of a gift for an upcoming birthday or the loved ones in your life are just deserving of a treat, let us help to create your unique personalised wine bottles.

Treat your family to a personalised wine bottle

If your household has a favourite go-to tipple, then why not create a completely unique bottle for your family by adding personalised wine labels? Add your favourite family photograph and a personal message that perfectly captures your family life, and you’re set! Just let us know whether you prefer a drop of red or fancy some fizz, then we’ll add your personalised wine bottle labels and deliver straight to your door!

Fizz for your friends

What could be a better way to celebrate those long years that you’ve been there for one another than with a bespoke bottle of bubbly? Treat your friends to personalised prosecco gifts – the added personal touch of a bespoke label certainly won’t go unnoticed! So whatever the occasion may be, the delicate and delicious flavours in this gift set are sure to be a winner.

An evening of fine wine

personalised wine

If you’re not sure that a bottle is enough, then why not arrange an entire evening of exquisite wines? It couldn’t be easier to organise your own personalised event, just get your loved ones together and we’ll handle the rest. And after enjoying a night of good conversation, delectable wine tastings and perfectly suited food accompaniments, why not give your guests a miniature bottle of their favourite tipple to take home? The perfect memento for the perfect evening!
Whether you’re in need of ideas for a birthday present, anniversary gift or a corporate reward, Hannibal Brown is here to bring you personalised wine for all occasions. Why wait? Explore the exquisite range in our wine shop today!

Introducing Hannibal Brown’s Wine Tasting and Networking Events


Now that summer is upon us – and let’s hope it truly is – what better way to spend those long, sunny, lazy afternoons than a picnic in the company of good friends, healthy food, and fine wine? Only, just think how great it would be if these moments weren’t quite so lazy, but rather a whole lot more dynamic – beneficial to you and your business. Think no more! Hannibal Brown, in collaboration with The Feel Good Bakery, are presenting the first in a series of Wine Tasting and Networking Events – that are the perfect way to network your business in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, enjoying Hannibal Brown’s excellent selection of new summer wines whilst munching on some wholesome ‘Feel Good’ sandwiches.

And not only will you be doing your business a whole lot of good, but you’ll be supporting a worthwhile cause. The Feel Good Bakery provides training and employment to young people looking to better their lives away from crime. They also partner with organisations aiding children living in poverty around the world. So join us at The Summer Picnic Event on Thursday 14th July. In a single evening (or more), by discovering new friends and clients, enjoying an amazing selection of wines and bubbly, and savouring a scrumptious choice of sandwiches, there will be a great deal to ‘Feel Good’ about.

Each evening will be themed, offering wine tasting and food pairings and informative presentations from local organisations. The Summer Picnic Event will be held at The Polka Theatre, The Broadway, Wimbledon, between 18:30 – 21:00. Tickets can be bought in advanced at £20.
Planning your own wine tasting party? Find out more about our wine tasting kits – perfect for hosting a party with a difference – and wine tasting events here.